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DVB-T Antenna

Outdoor DVB-T Antenna AX 1000+

Professional DVB-T antenna Opticum AX 1000 designed to receive both digital DVB-T and analog broadcast from terrestrial transmitters, operating in the UHF band (channels 21-69).

Digital Active Indoor DVB-T Antenna ANT 10

Brilliant digital reception of a terrestrial signals is possible even if no external antenna can be mounted. STRONG DVB-T antenna SRT ANT 10 provides best performance supporting active antenna output.

Digital Active Indoor DVB-T Antenna ANT 12

Best DVB-T reception in every room: Powerful indoor antenna with external power supply if receivers do not support active antenna output. Digital terrestrial television and radio at its best.

Digital Active Outdoor DVB-T Antenna ANT 15

The strong DVB-T antenna for external mounting: Active high-end outdoor antenna with built-in UHF/VHF filter and low-noise amplifier for better reception.

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