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Decoder DTV-461T HD with PVR & Media Player

Decoder DTV-461T HD is designed for digital terrestrial television DVB-T. The receiver supports only free channels broadcast in MPEG4 technology. The USB connector on the front panel allows you to record channels on the external storage and playback of various media such as MKV,AVI,XVID,MPEG4,AVC/.h264, TS,TS HD,TP, M2TS,MPEG,MP4,MOV,VOB. DTV-461T offers excellent image quality in high-resolution HD and standard SD resolution.


Digital High Definition Terrestrial Receiver SRT 8110

With the SRT 8110 you will enjoy exceptional pictures and excellent sound of programmes and the variety of features. The USB connector on the front flap allows you to record TV programmes play videos, music and photo files or update the receiver software from external storage devices.

DVB-T Module MPEG-4

Based on NEOTION disruptive technology, the MPEG-4 Plug & Play module enable integrated digital decoders to receive MPEG-4 content.

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